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Remodeling Your Kitchen? 5 Custom Cabinet Features To Consider

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Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen? If so, you will need to decide between going with standard-sized kitchen cabinets or custom cabinetry. Custom kitchen cabinets will give you the ability to make your kitchen exactly how you want it. Be sure not to miss out on requesting any of these features with your cabinet specialist.

Full Drawer Extension

How many times have you forgotten about something in your kitchen because it is in the back of a drawer that will not pull out all the way? Many standard cabinets are limited to how far the drawers pull out, which leave this spot in the back that you can never access easily. Now is the opportunity to request draws that have full extension so you can utilize all of the space.

Divided Drawer Storage

You need utensil storage for all of your knives, forks, and spoons, but everyone uses those plastic storage dividers to help keep them all together. Thankfully, you can have drawers created with the dividers already in them. It makes the drawers look cleaner when you open them, and you won't have a plastic insert that can become dirt or crack over time.

Counter Top Garage

Do you have a large appliance that you use on a regular basis, but you are torn between looking at it every single day or needing to put it in and out of storage? You can have a counter top garage installed that will hide those large items so you do not see them. The counter top garage usually has a roll-up door that makes it easy to open the garage without moving away other items on your counter tops.

Pot and Pan Rack

Pots and pans are often shoved into a kitchen cabinet where they are stacked on top of each other. When it comes time to use a specific pan you end up pulling everything out to get to the one pan that you want. You can have a custom pot and pan rack installed so that they hang above your counter top where you can reach the specific item that you want.

Corner Storage

The corners of your cabinets are often not utilized to their full potential. It is where the unwanted kitchen appliances or pantry items go that used few and far between. Consider having a turning corner cabinet installed that lets you have full access to everything inside the cabinet by turning it. The cabinet can have multiple tiers as well to prevent unnecessary stacking of items.