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Decorating A Dental Office

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When a dentist opens a new office, he or she likely is thinking about ways to attract the best people to work at the office and finding new patients. Decor likely is an after-thought, but it should take a higher priority because a nicely decorated office will help a dentist retain patients and attract others through word-of-mouth. Decorating a dental office is a large undertaking, and a dentist should secure the help of a commercial interior design company to do it right. But before an initial meeting with that commercial interior design company, here are a few things a dentist or office manager should think about to make the conversation go more smoothly. 


People often feel nervous about visiting the dentist because they associate the experience with discomfort. The colors used in a dental office can help people relax a little. Use neutral, cool colors that are calming and provide the backdrop for interesting pieces of art that will hold patients' attention while they wait. Shades of brown, beige, or blue all are good choices.


Give your patients something interesting to look at while they wait. Large pieces of art with bright colors are eye-catching and contrast nicely with the neutral colors used in the rest of the decor. Dentists also should consider personalizing the office. Frame special awards or letters from patients. Put up a bulletin board where young patients' drawings can be put on display. Dentists should avoid personalizing the office with decor items that show their hobbies. Rather than using the dentist's personality to decorate, use the office's personality. Use decor items that project the type of feeling the office is trying to evoke -- for example, sophisticated, child-friendly, or modern. 


When choosing flooring, dentists should take into account cleanliness as well as the look of the floor. Tile or wood floors are easier to clean and sanitize but might make a room feel sterile, and in climates that experience cold winter weather, a tile floor can make a room physically cold. A carpet in neutral colors might be a better choice. Be sure to keep it clean both with daily vacuuming and with an occasional deep clean. 

Plants and Flowers

Plants and cut flowers do a lot to make a room feel more inviting and elegant. Any plants present in a dental office should be well cared for. Spent blooms should be removed, as should brown leaves. It might be tempting to use silk plants, but they don't offer the same elegance that real plants do. Instead, use plants that require little maintenance. 

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