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Myths You Might Have Heard About Vinyl Fencing

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Vinyl is one of the more common types of fencing materials to use in both residential and commercial projects. However, there are many individuals that will be poorly informed about the viability of using vinyl fencing for their property due to believing some of the more common myths that individuals may assume to be true.

Myth: Vinyl Fencing Is Not Strong Enough To Keep The Property Secure

To be able to effectively keep individuals and animals from accessing the property, it is necessary for the fencing material to be extremely strong. Individuals that assume vinyl fencing to be fairly weak can avoid this option due to assuming it will be incapable of keeping their property secure. In reality, vinyl fencing can be made to be extremely strong, which can allow it to effectively resist attempts by individuals or animals to break or knock the fence over. This is due both to the particular vinyl mixture that is used as well as the thickness of the fence.

Myth: Vinyl Fencing Is Always White 

The color of the fence that you are installing can become a noticeable feature of your property. While white fencing is a popular choice, there are individuals that may want their fence to b a different color. Whether this is to make the property more unique or to match the color scheme, vinyl fencing can support a wide range of different colors. Furthermore, vinyl fencing can avoid the need to be painted in the future. In addition to reducing the maintenance needs of the vinyl fence by eliminating the need to paint it, this will also ensure that the colors of the fence remain vibrant.

Myth: Vinyl Fencing Is Vulnerable To Damage From Graffiti 

Unfortunately, there are individuals that may target your property in an attempt to leave behind graffiti. The fence for a property can be a common target for graffiti vandalism. When this vandalism occurs, it will be necessary to restore the fence as soon as possible to comply with local government or homeowner association regulations concerning graffiti removal. Vinyl is extremely resistant to staining and discoloration. These attributes can allow it to be more easily and effectively restored after it has suffered graffiti vandalism. Depending on the type of paint or marker that was used, it may be possible to fully remove it from the vinyl fence with the use of a pressure washer. However, if this fails to remove the graffiti, there are solvents that can safely remove the graffiti without impacting the color of the vinyl fence itself.