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Office Furniture: Create The Ideal Office For Your Disability

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If a previous accident left you disabled and unable to work in a traditional office setting, you may choose to work at home. But if you can't find the ideal office furniture to accommodate your disability, you may try to work out of the home instead. You can create the ideal office setting around your disability with the information below. 

Choose an Ergonomic Office Desk

If you use a wheelchair as your mobility device, you want to use an office desk that can accommodate the device safely and comfortably. In this case, you don't want to purchase a traditional office desk for your home office. You want to purchase an ergonomic office desk specifically designed to accommodate wheelchairs and similar devices.

Ergonomic office desks come with a number of unique features that reduce stress on your body and equipment as you work during the day, including height-adjustable table tops. You can adjust the table tops to fit the height of your wheelchair or to make extra room for your legs. The table tops also come with flat surfaces you can use to stabilize your computer equipment, phones, and fax machines. 

Also, consider purchasing an office desk that comes with easy-to-open drawers and sliding hutches. The handles on the drawers and hutches should fit into the palms of your hands comfortably each time you use them.

If you still can't select a desk for your needs, speak to an office furniture store or supplier directly. 

Consult a Furniture Company

A furniture store or supplier may need to learn more about your disability before they can assist you properly. Many stores and suppliers sell ADA-compliant furniture to small businesses. The stores and suppliers may follow the ADA guidelines on how wide, high, or large to make furniture for customers. A company can use the ADA guidelines to offer you the ideal office desks and the accessories that come with them. 

A furniture company or supplier may also help you find the ideal printer stand, highboard, display case, and bookcases for your office. You may even want to consider purchasing and installing wall shelves in your office or somewhere in your home. The shelves may make it easier for you to store office files, computer discs, and other items you may use regularly for business. 

If you need assistance finding home office furniture to accommodate your disability, consult a furniture company or supplier like Interior Landscapes.