You Can Have an Old World Italian Style Home

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Decorating A Dental Office

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When a dentist opens a new office, he or she likely is thinking about ways to attract the best people to work at the office and finding new patients. Decor likely is an after-thought, but it should take a higher priority because a nicely decorated office will help a dentist retain patients and attract others through word-of-mouth. Decorating a dental office is a large undertaking, and a dentist should secure the help of a commercial interior design company to do it right. Read More»

Custom Framing Ideas To Honor Your Military Member

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Whether you have a child currently serving in the military or your parents proudly served in the past, you can honor their contribution to the country by using custom frames. Here are a few ideas to discuss with your custom framing shop to create a beautiful tribute to your family’s tradition of military service. Custom Flag Frames If you’ve received a burial flag after the death of a loved one, displaying it in a custom frame can be one way to keep his or her memory alive. Read More»