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Balancing Blues: Using Multiple Hues Of Blue In Interior Design

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Through the years, blue has remained one of the most popular color choices in interior design. From rich shades of moody blue to light and refreshing pastel blue, the color is both refreshing and soothing. Striking the right balance when using multiple shades of blue in your home's interior is the secret to designing a room that is delightful for anyone who cannot get enough of blue.

Do not be afraid of the dark

Rich and dramatic, any dark shade of blue is a great color to blend with medium and light shades to create a stunning look. Paint a ceiling in a rich shade of navy or indigo blue to start and round out the room with a moody blue with gray undertones for walls. Add a teal blue rug to lighten up the room and complement the walls and ceiling.

Layering shades of blue

One of the easiest ways to play with blue is to choose several shades of blue for different accent pieces in a room. For instance, you can pair a turquoise sofa with navy accent pillows and drape a pastel blue throw over the back of the sofa. Turquoise is a playful shade of blue, navy adds a touch of drama, and the pastel blue will round out the look with a subtle softness that is hard to resist.

Take advantage of moody blues

With their gray undertones, moody blues are a delightful option for those who love blue but prefer a more neutral paint palette. Simply find a moody blue you love and look for shades with just a hint of color difference to bring a soothing look to a room. For instance, start by choosing an indigo blue rug for the floor, choose a light denim blue sofa, and paint the walls in a medium slate blue for the perfect blend of moody blues.

Add a little white

It is hard to find a color that looks as amazing as blue and white together. In a room filled with multiple shades of blue, a splash of white is always welcome. Adding a white accent table, chair, or lamp to a blue room will intensify the shades of blue and make them stand out even more.

What is there not to love about blue? Suitable for any room in the home, blue is a feel-good color that is both energizing and relaxing. When you use several shades of blue in the same room, the possibilities are endless for creating unique and inspiring rooms that are sure to refresh your home. For more information on interior design, contact a professional near you.