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Floating Furniture — How To Maximize And Modernize Your Home's Interior

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Do you want an easy way to maximize the space and layout of your home while also taking better advantage of its strengths? Then it might be time to start floating your furniture. What is floated furniture? And how can you use it in many different rooms? Here's what you need to know.

How Do You Float Furniture?

Floating furniture doesn't mean moving it off the floor or building a hovering couch. It refers to moving the furniture away from the walls. Most interior design options use a room's walls as an anchor and backdrop for much of the furnishings. Your couch, bed, desk, chairs, and tables often sit alongside one or more walls. To float them, you remove that limitation and use the interior space of the room. 

Why Float Furniture?

Floating furniture can be counterintuitive, so why try it? There are many reasons. In large rooms, it creates a greater sense of intimacy, allowing you to design zones and create conversation groupings. In small rooms, it can give an illusion of more space by opening up more space around the walls and rerouting traffic.

By providing more options in navigation, it also opens up foot traffic. People aren't forced to move through seating areas. And it lets you emphasize different focal points, such as a large window and a beautiful view. 

How Can You Float Furniture?

So, how might you use floating furniture in your home? The most common place to begin is the living room or family room. Create a conversation group using chairs, sofas, and tables. Leave enough space to walk around the grouping. If the room is large, use rugs to provide a base and structure for the floating furniture group. 

Elsewhere, float the bed in the primary (or other large) bedroom by giving it a more central location. You may find that you have more space and more creative ways to lay out the bedroom. In the dining room, center the table on the floor. And move your home office desk away from the wall so you face visitors who enter. 

Where Can You Learn More?

Not sure how to start making better use of floating furniture design? Begin by meeting with an experienced interior design service in your area. With their expertise and your vision, you'll soon have a layout that modernizes your home, uses more of its space smartly, and refreshes your living style. Call today to make an appointment with an interior design company.