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Why Pay For Granite Countertops When You Can Have The Same Luxury Look With Formica 180Fx?

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Granite and natural stone countertops are considered to be high-end, luxury features in a kitchen. There is no doubt that these materials make beautiful counters. They will also last a long time. However, there are definite reasons you should consider installing Formica 180fx instead. Take the time to visit a showroom that offers both natural stone and Formica 180fx countertops. Talk with the salesperson, feel the different materials, and ask for examples and literature to take home. At home, consider the following while looking at all the information you brought home.


Natural stone is going to cost a lot more money than Formica. Even if money is not an issue, you should consider the rest of the kitchen. Will you be changing things in the next few years? If you are not remodeling the whole room now, make sure you like the coloring of the new counter so you can make the rest of the room match the look and feel. Is it worth it to pay the cost for a natural stone countertop in a house and kitchen that is 50 years old or more?

Durability and Resistance

Natural stone is more durable than laminate. It can handle heat better and is almost impossible to scratch. However, it is chipped easier and is more susceptible to stains than Formica. In addition, most laminates are able to withstand simple scratching and some heat. Do not use a sharp knife on it or place a hot pan directly from the stove or oven onto it, and things should be okay.


Stone or natural countertops need to be cleaned, sealed and polished regularly. It is important to use cleansers approved for the material to avoid damaging the seal or the stone itself. Because the stone is porous, if you don't keep the seal intact, tiny bacteria can get into it. This can cause problems with any food prepared on the surface and can also damage the stone. After sealing, you should polish the countertop to keep it gleaming and beautiful. A Formica 180fx countertop looks as beautiful as a stone one, yet it can be simply wiped down after use with most cleaners you already have at home.

There have been great strides in the appearance and durability of laminates. Formica 180fx was designed to give the look of natural stone without the high cost and maintenance. Make sure you visit a store that can show you this type of laminate before you make a final decision for your next countertop. Contact a company like Plastic Line Mfg Inc to learn more about Formica 180fx countertops.