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Custom Framing Ideas To Honor Your Military Member

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Whether you have a child currently serving in the military or your parents proudly served in the past, you can honor their contribution to the country by using custom frames. Here are a few ideas to discuss with your custom framing shop to create a beautiful tribute to your family's tradition of military service.

Custom Flag Frames

If you've received a burial flag after the death of a loved one, displaying it in a custom frame can be one way to keep his or her memory alive. You can have a simple wooden frame created that displays just the flag, or you can have one created that includes a medal display on the bottom. The medal display can hold all of the medals your loved one was awarded during his or her service. Another option is to have a large frame created that holds the flag on one side and your relative's military portrait on the other.

Uniform Patch Display

Another way to show respect for your loved one's service is to have your frame shop create a custom frame to display the patches once work on his or her military uniform. This might include the American flag patch as well as the patches for brigades, companies, and divisions that your loved one served in. These patches can be arranged around a picture of your loved one, or they can be arranged around a small U.S. flag for a patriotic display. You can also add any medals your loved one has received to this display as well.

Uniform Shadow Box

If you have a loved one who served during WWI or WWII and you still have his or her military uniform, consider displaying it in a shadow box. This idea pays tribute to his or her service while also creating a piece of living history in your home. You may even want to research your loved one's military service to see which fronts he or she served in. You can then find historical pictures of battles your loved one might have fought in to add to the shadow box. Other items to consider adding to this shadow box might include dog tags, ration cards, and old photos of your loved one in uniform.

Work with your custom picture frame shop to select the perfect framing materials for each option. Classic wood finishes can lend beauty to each option, while unique camouflage designs can add a unique finishing touch to your custom military tribute ideas.