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5 Super Simple Tips To Creating An Eclectic Style In Your Living Room

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Eclectic design is seeing a resurgence in popularity. It can, however, be one of the harder styles to emulate for many people. If you follow these tips, decorating your living room in an eclectic style will be a lot easier than it looks. 

1. Use Texture

Quite often rooms can look too polished. An eclectic style revels in texture and, more importantly, the juxtaposition of different textures. A fluffy sheepskin rug casually thrown over the arm of a simplistic rattan chair creates an interesting vibe and is a perfect representation of a curated eclectic style. 

2. Add Black

Black objects placed strategically around the room make the eye travel throughout the space. A great way to add black is with a black, Moroccan birdcage lantern. They are very on-trend and work well in an eclectic space by bringing in both that pop of black and an exotic touch.

3. Mix Styles (and Centuries)

Another key to creating a perfect eclectic room is to mix in pieces from different periods. There are several ways to do this. You could upholster a formal Louis Quinze armchair in a playful fabric or you could mix a Mid-Century Mod leather sofa with an antique Kilim rug. The rule is that there are no rules. 

4. Love Your Art

For years, people have tried to match their artwork to their furnishings. Instead, hang art that you really love. The key to buying art is to buy what speaks to you. If you are drawn to a vase, sketch, or painting, buy it. To quote Marie Kondo, if it "sparks joy", then proudly hang it on your wall. Better yet, group several pieces that you love on a gallery wall. 

5. Throw in the Unusual

Another key to eclectic design is to throw in the unusual. It adds personality to the room that is distinctly you. The unusual could be your dad's surfboard leaning in the corner, your great-grandmother's crazy quilt hanging on the wall, or even the medical school skeleton you found at an antique shop. Items that you wouldn't normally think to display can bring a room to life. If you travel — the world or just to local thrift shops — pull all your treasures out of the closet and use them in your design.

Think of an eclectic style as layers of different items that all make you happy. Throw in a little texture and pops of black for a complete look. There is no wrong way to do this.